Be your own physiotherapist: relieve tension with the TMX

Be your own physiotherapist: relieve tension with the TMX

Tension, back and limb pain, does that sound familiar? These complaints affect a large part of the population and are also due to our modern lifestyle. Too much sitting, too little exercise and who takes the time to stretch extensively every morning? But the adhesions of the fascia, which lead to tension or imbalances, do not have to remain a permanent condition.

TMX triggers help you prevent muscular tension through acupressure and combat acute pain. The handy products are the perfect physiotherapeutic companions because you can use them anywhere and at any time - in the office, during sports, at home and on the go!

What is a TMX trigger and how does it work:

The TMX Trigger is a small cone-shaped wooden massager with a ball head that replaces the physiotherapist's thumb by applying pressure.

The pressure at the so-called trigger points separates adhesions and promotes the circulation of blood: oxygen-rich blood reaches the cells more quickly and oxygen-poor blood can be transported away more easily. This releases the tension and the tissue – muscles, fascia and organs recover.

Both TMX models can be conveniently used anywhere as they are small, light and handy. The perfect trigger point treatment method for at home and on the go - simple and uncomplicated.

TMX Trigger Original and Plus

TMX Original:

The 3 cm head of the TMX Original relieves muscular tension and thus contributes to an improved quality of life.

Use the TMX Original for:

  • Calf stiffness
  • posterior thigh problems
  • lateral thigh adhesions
  • front thigh tension
  • Buttock pain
  • Tension in the lumbar region
  • Tension in the thoracic vertebrae area
  • Shoulder/neck tension

TMX Plus:

The 2 cm head of the TMX Plus relieves deep muscular tension and has an even more intense acupressure stimulus.

Use the TMX Plus plus for:

  • Sole of feet problems
  • Heel spur
  • Calf tension/adhesions
  • Back of the knee tension
  • posterior thigh tension
  • Pain in the lumbar region
  • Shoulder/neck tension
  • Tennis Elbow/Golfer Elbow

How is the trigger applied?

From a physiological perspective, you need long-term, targeted, targeted pressure on the tissue to stimulate metabolism. The effect: Essential and sufficient blood circulation and stretching in the affected tissue is achieved. With the TMX Trigger you are your own physiotherapist. To do this, simply find the painful area in the muscle or tendon and apply pressure with the TMX Trigger using a wall, the back of a chair/seat or on the floor.

With the help of the following clear exercise videos you can achieve the following:

  • Increased mobility of the joints through targeted application of the manifested tension fields in the myofascial tissue
  • Prevention of muscle fiber tears and severe myofascial tension
  • Increasing body awareness and counteracting poor posture
  • Releasing tension knots (“trigger points”) and the resulting irritation throughout the body
  • Regeneration for pain after sport