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With well-fitting yoga wear, you can easily block out the outside world for the duration of your yoga class, sink deep into the stretches and concentrate fully on your inner self. Elasticity and comfort therefore play a particularly important role when buying yoga clothing. The yoga outfit usually consists of airy yoga pants or tight-fitting yoga leggings and a yoga bra under a T-shirt or top.

Yoga clothing for women – produced sustainably and fairly

Yoga is a philosophical teaching and has been practiced by large parts of the population in its country of origin, India, for 4,000 years. With the aim of bringing body, mind and soul into harmony and thus achieving mental and physical health, more and more people in this country are practicing yoga regularly. In addition to improving health, yoga practice also improves performance and concentration and reduces stress. This important balance to our often stressful (working) everyday life is the reason why yoga is so popular among women and men alike and why the offerings in this area are constantly growing. In the following article you will find out which yoga clothing is suitable for the different yoga styles and what you should pay attention to when buying.

The perfect women's yoga leggings: this is what you should pay attention to when buying

As different as the different yoga styles are, the range of yoga fashion manufacturers on offer is diverse and often confusing. So what should you consider when buying yoga leggings?

In addition to the feel-good factor, which should always be the top priority when choosing your clothing, here are some of the features that your perfect yoga leggings should have and that influence its comfort:

A high and wide waistband ensures that the leggings do not slip or dig in, even during intensive stretches and forward bends

When buying your yoga leggings, make sure that they are made of an elastic material. Materials that are naturally less stretchy should contain at least 10% elastane. Otherwise your yoga pants will quickly bulge and you will only be able to enjoy them for a short time.

Most yoga leggings are made from natural fibers such as cotton and Tencel or polyester. In order to have as little impact on the environment as possible when producing the fibers, we only use organic or recycled fibers for OGNX Yogawear . Find out more about our sustainable materials here

So that your leggings don't hinder you on the mat, they should be around ankle length. This means it neither pushes up nor poses a risk of slipping because you step on the hem.

The seams of your new yoga leggings should be stitched as flat as possible and barely noticeable when worn. The following applies here: the less the better.

Before buying your leggings, find out about the manufacturer's country of origin and production conditions. Compliance with fair working conditions is a top priority for OGNX and, along with the use of sustainable materials, is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Find out more about the production sites where our OGNX yoga clothing is manufactured here .

Whether it's colorful yoga leggings with patterns or classic black leggings: whatever you like is allowed. Before you buy, make sure that your new yoga leggings have been dyed without toxic chemicals and are gentle on the skin.

What is the difference between high waist and low waist yoga leggings?

High waist yoga leggings have a particularly good hold. The waistband at belly button level is figure-flattering and doesn't cut in. With low waist yoga leggings, the waistband sits below the belly button on the hips. They're a fashionable alternative to high-waisted leggings, but they tend to slip during exercise.

Natural or functional fibers: which material is best for yoga leggings?

There is no right or wrong when choosing the right material. However, as mentioned above, it is helpful if your pants are elastic enough to easily accommodate postures in your yoga practice. For natural fibers we recommend an elastane content of at least 10%.

What is the difference between yoga leggings made of cotton and polyester?

Yoga leggings made of cotton are very soft and have a slightly warming effect. They are particularly suitable for quieter yoga styles. Yoga leggings made of polyester are more elastic than cotton and do not bulge. They wick away moisture to the outside, feel cooling and are therefore also suitable for sweatier yoga sessions.

Sustainable yoga leggings made of organic cotton or Tencel - the best leggings for everyday life and calm yoga styles:

Our cotton and Tencel fibers come from organic farming. By avoiding chemical fertilizers, our cotton and Tencel leggings are environmentally friendly and gentle on your skin. The natural fibers feel pleasantly soft and cuddly. Due to their soft feel, they have a slightly warming effect, but are still breathable. Thanks to the elastane content and the high waistband, our yoga pants made of organic cotton and Tencel do not slip or bulge at the knees. Whether colorful or plain black - with your favorite styles from OGNX you will look good not only on the mat, but also in everyday life.

Sustainable yoga leggings made from functional, recycled polyester - the best leggings for your high intensity yoga training

In addition to natural fibers, you can also find leggings made from recycled polyester and polyamide in our OGNX online shop. In the recycling process we can save 59% energy in production and give old, unusable polyester fibers a second life. Our recycled yoga leggings are particularly elastic and have a cooler surface compared to cotton. The yoga pants don't bulge even after being worn many times and fit your body like a second skin. Because the smooth polyester fibers transport moisture to the outside, OGNX yoga leggings made from recycled polyester never feel wet, dry particularly quickly and are therefore also suitable for quick and sweaty asanas and workouts. The material is particularly durable and generally more opaque than cotton.

Women's yoga leggings from OGNX: function meets design

From the most important properties to the different materials, you have now learned a lot and know what you should look out for when buying yoga pants. There are now no limits to your design preferences. In our online shop you will find a variety of stylish, plain and colorful yoga pants made from soft natural and cooling functional fibers with a high and particularly wide, comfortable waistband - sustainably and fairly produced. Attract everyone's attention in our unusual designs and make a statement for conscious and sustainable consumption. Simply order your favorite piece online now - get on the mat, get set, go!