Our team

We are working hard with OGNX to make the fashion world more sustainable and green. We are a small but highly motivated team based in Munich, Palma and Berlin. For us, “organic” is not limited to food and sustainability is not limited to a social trend. This attitude resonates in the development of every single product and we hope to reach and motivate as many people as possible. Because only together with you can we ensure that sustainability finally becomes a matter of course when buying clothes.

Founder Nina

Responsibility : the management that makes quick decisions and stays calm when things get hectic in day-to-day business

Loves : definitely the team and development of OGNX

Funniest moment at OGNX : When we travel as a team, be it for shoots or at trade fairs, we always have a lot of fun!

Favorite OGNX product: The Keffiah suit is my must-have of the season. Also one of my absolute favorites: the Sportsbra Crossback.