Our production

Unfortunately, honesty and transparency are not a given in the supply chain of many fashion companies. The complexity of many small, independent suppliers usually makes it impossible to control working conditions and regulate standards uniformly.

But it doesn't have to work that way! We select our companies personally and maintain close, friendly contact with them. The most important thing is that our production rooms may sometimes look chaotic, but all employees enjoy going to work. Here they are safe and are paid fairly. Because only together can we change the fashion industry for the better. Find out more about where and how we work here.

I made your Clothes - Our production in Portugal


Producer for our organic cotton products
  • Employees: approx. 52
  • Certificates: ISO9001, Oeko-Tex ®
  • Particularities:
    Not all cotton is the same. When producing our cotton items, the quality of the cotton blossom and its processing have a major influence on the wearing comfort and functional properties of the subsequent garments. The small but highly motivated team of our producer in Medelo puts a lot of knowledge and passion into the development of our new yarns and fabrics. Since we have the fabrics spun on site, we have full control and can quickly implement innovations and incorporate feedback from customers.


Producer of organic cotton and rPES

  • Employees: approx. 50
  • Certificates: Oeko-Tex ®
  • Particularities:
    Thanks to modern machines, the family business in Bairro is not only a pioneer in the processing of recycled yarns, it is also always available to help us with advice and support in the development of innovative materials. The familiar atmosphere on site and the friendly atmosphere is another reason why working with this producer is so much fun.


    Organic cotton and Tencel™ producer

      • Employees: approx. 40
      • Certificates: GOTS, Oeko-Tex ®
      • Particularities:
        In addition to producing our classic organic cotton and Tencel™ products, we have found a manufacturer in Gandarela who shares our love for batik and incorporates his passion for the craft into every hand-dyed piece. Of course, all the colors we use for this are non-toxic and GOTS certified.


      Producer for our seamless products

      • Employees: approx. 130
      • Certificates: GOTS, Global Recycled Standard, Organic Content Standard, Oeko-Tex ®, SMETA
      • Particularities:
        Our cuddly seamless products are manufactured in Barcelos on innovative machines in a new and modern production facility. Thanks to the vertical positioning of the producer, we can bundle all production steps in one place, from development, dyeing and fabric production to finishing. Even the most unusual material is a challenge that the employees are happy to accept.


        Producer of recycled polyester and upcycled materials
          • Employees: approx. 795
          • Certificates: Oeko-Tex ®,Pure New Wool, SA:8000, Detox to Zero
          • Particularities:
            We are currently working hard on new, innovative material developments with our producer in Utena. We are pleased about the “Detox to Zero” award from Greenpeace that the producer received. As a pioneer in working with compostable materials, we are particularly proud to be developing our own materials with this producer. You can see and feel the results of this successful collaboration in the Leggings Flow or Leggings Leaf .


        Producer for our organic cotton basic items
        • Employees: approx. 78
        • Certificates: GOTS
        • Particularities:
          Our original producer is based in Güngören. We have been working together since 2012 and look forward to more years to come. The great trust that we have been able to build over the years due to the high quality and reliability accelerates the collaboration and thus enables us to respond particularly quickly to customer requests.

          Far East

          Production site in Wuxi - China / Weaving factory in Taipei - Taiwan
          Producer for rPES
            • Employees: approx. 300
            • Certificates: BSCI
            • Particularities:
              Thanks to the use of high-tech machines for the automatic production of clothing, our two partners in China and Taiwan are true pioneers and co-creators of fashion production 4.0. The use of state-of-the-art sealing and laser cutting machines, as well as fully automatic bag sewing machines, enables us to reduce waste and precisely process the materials. Together with our partner in Taiwan, we develop our highly functional materials with consistent quality and can quickly incorporate customer feedback thanks to the digital infrastructure. We were able to personally see for ourselves the high standards and safety regulations that are adhered to at work at both companies.

          Modern machines enable high-quality processing