About Us

The OGNX label was launched in 2012 with the aim of rethinking established structures and breaking with outdated dogmas and clichés. Since our founding, we have been working hard to create yogawear that is not only environmentally friendly, but enriches your everyday life with unusual and unique styles.

Our vision:

"OGNX wants to push to the forefront of progressive yoga.

A most welcoming yet eclectic brand that will not be rattled by Dogma, Cliche, nor Trends. Dissolving limiting paradigms in the market, product, and the mind – to be an inspiring, non-judging platform for seekers and finders on their journey in exceeding limitations. "

We want to create a welcoming yet diverse brand that is not shaken by dogmas, clichés or trends, in order to create an inspiring, non-judgmental platform for all those who are ready to find themselves and excel.

Our purpose:

“We remind people of the beauty of being. To overcome self-limiting beliefs through growth. “To inspire those who shine and look beyond the ordinary”

We remind people of the beauty of existence . Be inspired and set new standards with our products of the highest quality.

Our mission:

"Exploring new territories outside of what is perceived as possible in yoga today.

On this journey, we won't lose sight of what is most important to us. You, the people – customers, employees, and partners.

We as OGNX will contribute to your journey by winning over hearts and minds with products and services of sublime quality and by living up to our high standards in sustainability in everything we do.

We acknowledge our responsibilities – we think, act and innovate according to our values ​​to form an eclectic brand true to its beliefs. "

On ognx.com we discover new territories together, far from classic yoga and detached from prejudices or seasonal trends.

We recognize our responsibility - we think, act and constantly develop to form a versatile brand that meets our high sustainability standards at all times.

Fair pay for all employees involved is a matter of course for us. Over the years we have been able to secure a reliable base of producers who produce our yogawear under the highest safety standards in Europe and with whom we maintain a personal and trusting relationship.

Our core values:

Our values


Using awareness to transform experience - We use our awareness to transform experiences into new developments.


We are dynamic and constantly changing our perspective. Versatility and openness play a central role in internal processes and the development of new products. Our external influences are as different as the members of our team. The goal is to create products that perfectly support you in your everyday life and meet even the needs that you were not yet aware of.

ECLECTIC - Deriving ideas from a diverse range of sources

We are not satisfied with the status quo. We break paradigms and blur the line between fashion and activewear. We want to enjoy life - but not at the expense of others. Our extraordinary designs made from sustainable materials of the highest quality prove that this works without prohibitions and compromises.

CULTIVATE SERENDIPITY - Finding something beautiful without looking for it

Our vision of a modern lifestyle in harmony with nature and ourselves drives us every day. Let yourself be surprised every day in everyday life, overcome self-limiting beliefs through openness and grow beyond yourself with our help.