Quiz: Which goddess is inside me? (Resolution)

Creativity and wisdom, art, music and literature – this goddess stands for all of these. As Saraswati you are born to find your unique creative expression. You are connected to a constant stream of creative thoughts and intuitive wisdom. It flows through you and comes into the world through you. You just have to stop standing in your own way and let him through too. Never doubt your ability to draw from this source and let your ideas come to fruition: Saraswati is with you and guides your steps.
This goddess symbolizes strength, courage and protection. As Durga, you are born with incredible power. It empowers you to serve others by leading and inspiring others with your determination and perseverance. Your willpower allows you to remove even big obstacles.
It's just a matter of choosing wisely which fight you take and putting your energy into what really matters. Durga will show you the way.
Kali stands for comprehensive transformation and an almost daring audacity. Breaking social chains, sweeping aside illusions, revealing your truth and living it is your life program as Kali. Others may find you stressful and the universe may keep sending you difficult ones
Lessons, but none of that can stop you: your wild, feminine energy carries you on and on - and Kali is at your side even when you feel like the world around you is collapsing.
Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, prosperity and good fortune, gave you one thing above all else: the certainty that you deserve to live comfortably, in beauty and luxury. You know: money doesn't stink; in fact, it allows you to reach your full potential. That's why you don't mind working hard to earn well. You are generous towards other people and willingly use your wealth to do good. Just make sure that despite your work, you have enough time for the people and things you love. Lakshmi can help you to live so noticeably in abundance that you can sit back and relax.
The goddess of devoted love stands for overcoming separation, for union with one's own twin flame and for loving fellowship with soul mates. As Radha, you are born with the deep longing to find your lost half, your life is guided by the guiding star of love. Unfortunately, sometimes your devotion is taken advantage of and you risk giving yourself up too much. But the goddess is also a good guide through all relationship problems and can help you to love yourself.
This tantric goddess embodies the spiritual aspects of sensuality. As a Lalita, you live with the certainty that your body is a temple and that sexuality can help you experience a mystical union with the cosmic energies. No matter what other people say about it: For you, sex is not taboo, it is also much more than instinctual satisfaction and physical pleasure - guided by the goddess, you experience it as a deeply spiritual practice.