Free yoga class with OGNX Ambassador Jasmin Kassem

Free yoga class with OGNX Ambassador Jasmin Kassem

Test your new activewear on the mat? No problem!

We give you a gift

a free yoga lesson with ambassador and +1000h yoga teacher Jasmin Kassem from Soulyoga Berlin with every order.

After placing your order, you will receive an automated email from us containing your Zoom links and registration instructions. We hope you enjoy your next session.

Meet Jasmin Kassem

Berliner by choice and OGNX Ambassador Jasmin Kassem likes to dedicate herself to special lesson topics in her classes, such as: B. the elements, meridians, chakras, affirmations and sometimes just listening to the inner movements and breathing. Your body should feel freed by the practice, your mind calmed and your soul touched. As an experienced yoga teacher (BDY certified +1000h / Yin Yoga +300h), she has been enthusiastically leading ongoing courses, workshops and retreats through Soulyoga Berlin and as part of the Studio Yogasky Berlin team for 10 years and teaches yoga as a specialist lecturer for yoga teacher training Berlin Academy.

Let yourself be carried away by it and take part in one of our free lessons online or offline in Berlin.