OGNX goes Recycled Polyester

OGNX goes Recycled Polyester

Finally they are here! Our favorite pieces from the current spring/summer 2017 collection in the new, environmentally friendly material recycled polyester.

Why recycled polyester is a sustainable fabric?

The production of recycled polyester is more energy and emissions efficient than that of newly produced polyester and helps reduce bottles and other plastic items in landfills.

What properties does recycled polyester have?

The nature of the material makes our rPET edition particularly suitable for active yoga classes or sessions in the gym. Since the pores of the polyester fibers are very small, making it difficult for water to penetrate, rPET is water-repellent and at the same time moisture evaporates very well. This is particularly advantageous when practicing SUP yoga on the paddleboard. Other advantages of the material are that it is very easy to care for, dries quickly and is sweat-absorbent, which prevents excessive sweating. Although polyester fibers are very light and thin, they are extremely durable and tear-resistant. They also have a high degree of dimensional stability and therefore remain wrinkle-free.

At what temperature can you wash recycled polyester?

The recommended temperature is 40°C. The material is generally iron-resistant, but a low temperature and, ideally, an ironing cloth should be used. The material is not suitable for tumble drying.

You can find our Recycled Polyester Edition online at OGNX

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