Interview with Christian Klix

Interview with Christian Klix

Dear Christian, how long have you been practicing yoga and can you remember your very first class?

Since 2000. I was in Australia and started learning sun salutations from a book. There were still few yoga studios...

What motivated you to start yoga?

I was searching and asked myself the big questions in life, just as I still do today. Who am I? What is this body I'm in? Where am I? Why am I? Yoga offers tangible answers on all levels of existence. Simple but effective.

Why did you decide to teach?

I only started teaching yoga after 12 years of intensive practice. It was never my intention. For me, yoga practice is something very personal. When my grandfather, with whom I had a very close bond, died, he left me a small sum and I wanted to do something "sensible" with it for his sake. It was just enough for teacher training...

You teach all over the world and have many fans, what is your “secret”? What is special about your lessons or what sets you apart from other teachers?

Teach what you practice and practice what you teach! My practice is sacred to me. During the lessons I am simply myself and teach what has helped me the most. I think you can tell straight away when you go to someone's class whether they have inhaled what they are trying to convey there. If someone really commits to it, I can transform him or her significantly in a short period of time. Something like this works best on a private retreat, where you can really go into depth.

Where can fans find you in the future or where are you headed next?

This year is already completely planned. I'm traveling all over the country with the Flight Club "7 steps to the handstand" workshop, for which I recently published a book of the same name, and the Yo-Roll "Yoga with the fascia roller" workshop. There are also a few retreats coming up. Among other things, in Italy, my adopted homeland, and even in Cuba. The retreats are always very intense experiences. I organize it with my partner, Lisa Mancini, who has a special gift for making the miracle of life actually tangible and tangible. It would be really great if there were enough people to do it. All information can be found on my website

How are you connected to OGNX? Do you have a favorite OGNX piece?

I like wearing the OGNX shorts. They are comfortable on and off the mat. I also really like the long sleeves. The fabric in particular feels great on the skin. That's when you notice the quality.