Yoga with a difference!

Yoga with a difference!

The first Yoga iBook for teens is finally here!

Yoga is also becoming increasingly popular among young people.

Sanne Eichinger has published a great, interactive book on exactly this topic, with which you can easily get started with the topic of yoga or deepen your practice.

We already talked to her about this exciting project in our interview with Sanne , now it's here and we're very happy that we were able to make a small contribution to this cool iBook!

What's particularly nice is that Sanne has decided to make the ibook available free of charge; she only asks for a small donation of €5. Every cent goes to a great project that helps children in Nepal start over after the severe earthquakes. The initiator of the Nepalkinderhife, Sabine Tscharntke, is one of Sanne's yoga students and she therefore knows that every cent really reaches Nepal. Link:

So dear ones, we invite you to do something good for yourself and the children in Nepal. Namaste