An interview with Sanne Eichinger

An interview with Sanne Eichinger

Dear Sanne, you completed your training as a children's yoga teacher in 2007 and then completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance training at AIRYOGA in 2008. You originally only wanted to teach children and young people, but then you added adults. That speaks for a great passion :)

Yes, I love teaching yoga, especially to children and teenagers. The Teen Hour has been a project close to my heart for several years.

What fascinates you about working with teenagers?

Teens are so grateful for anything that helps them relax and get out of their heads. They enjoy practicing together with their peers and enjoy partner and group exercises. Teens are surprisingly open to everything and I enjoy sharing yoga with them.

You're working on an exciting new project, what can we look forward to? What is your 'Teenie ibook project' about?

Young people often have very little free time apart from school, homework and tutoring. Especially when things get tight, they don't have time to come to yoga class and special yoga classes for young people are only available in big cities. 10 - 20 minutes of yoga at home would go a long way.

Teens are usually very familiar with new media, such as streaming videos and Instagram. With the iBook you get a tool with which you can practice according to your time and needs - and I can make it available for free or for a minimal amount.

You chose OGNX as a partner for your project - How did you come across OGNX & what did you like so much?

I personally like OGNX's designs because they are fresh and youthful. Of course, the teens also want to feel comfortable while practicing. Comfortable clothing made from organic cotton contributes to this. It is also important that the outfits do not slip while practicing and that the price-performance ratio is right.

And what did the teens think of the outfits? Did you have fun during the shoot?

Everyone was enthusiastic and highly motivated. I've never seen her so focused on the yoga mat as she was during our shoot. Since then we have also had a well-styled yoga group because the teens wear their outfits every week.

We're happy to be able to show a few impressions of the shoot here - the photos turned out great, Felix Krammer really did a great job.

When will the finished iBook be released?

The book will be finished during the summer holidays and will be published at the start of school 2015/16.

Thank you very much dear Sanne, we are happy and excited! The iBook campaign has already started on Instagram. You can look forward to making of pictures and information at #yogasannexteensbook!