Support local: A cooperation with Bidroom for more fairness in the hotel industry

Support local: A cooperation with Bidroom for more fairness in the hotel industry

A few days ago we launched our new Palm Leaf Leggings and the limited Bike Shorts. Our summery palm tree prints make us long for a vacation, and as pleasant as working in comfortable sweatpants was at the beginning, the ceiling can fall on your head in the home office after such a long time.

Every day, relaxations in Corona everyday life are being announced and so we are looking forward to being able to travel within Germany again soon. And even though starting long-distance travel is a long way off in the truest sense of the word, we would like to take the opportunity to get to know the many beautiful corners of our own country better. From the sea, to turquoise lakes and snow-covered Alpine chains, Germany has a lot to offer and leaves almost no holiday wish unfulfilled.

Supporting the national hotel industry is particularly important right now. Due to the travel ban, many hotels, restaurants and travel providers are suffering major losses in sales. As domestic travel resumes, our partner Bidroom offers a great opportunity to support smaller hotels and guesthouses in particular:

What is Bidroom:

Bidroom is an independent hotel booking platform dedicated to making the hotel industry a fairer place. Small, independent hotels in particular cannot afford the high commissions that well-known travel providers charge for listing offers.

Bidroom offers small and medium-sized companies a platform on which they can post commission-free advertisements and offer them to a closed user community. However, the reduction in agency fees not only has advantages for the hotels, you also benefit from it:

Via you can book your room in one of over 150,000 participating hotels for up to 25% cheaper than with comparable providers. But that's not all. Bidroom is also available to help you beyond hotel bookings with great offers for shopping, car rentals or airport lounges.

Benefits of Bidroom membership

Bidroom x OGNX

With its visionary concept, Bidroom tries to make the hotel industry more transparent and create fair conditions for everyone involved. We see many parallels in this approach to the OGNX company philosophy, in which equality is the top priority. We have therefore joined forces to form a cooperation and offer you the following offer:

Buy one of our sturdy lover bags , perfect for your next short trip, and unlock your free annual access to the Bidroom booking platform.

Buy a Lover Bag and unlock the Bidroom membership

What are you waiting for. Enjoy your next vacation with OGNX and Bidroom.