OGNX Zoom Backgrounds

OGNX Zoom Backgrounds

Anyone who now works from home has probably become acquainted with Zoom. The video communication tool is used by many to network employees but also to continue courses such as online yoga lessons.

While the cozy sweatpants can be easily hidden under the table during a Zoom meeting with colleagues, the background and the perhaps not so tidy apartment are not so easy to hide. Or does it?
This isn't a problem either thanks to virtual backgrounds that can be set up quickly and easily via Zoom.

After the numerous positive feedback on our new patterns, we have taken this opportunity to make some Zoom backgrounds available for you to download. This means your apartment and everything in it remains private.

Download the matching backgrounds for your new favorite leggings from OGNX here .

Butterfly background

Palm leaf background


Leo Ocean Background

Leo Lavender Background

PS: The backgrounds will later appear mirrored in Zoom. You can find instructions for setting up your virtual backgrounds here .