Yoga during pregnancy. Bina Nöhr in an interview

Yoga during pregnancy. Bina Nöhr in an interview

Bina writes in her blogazine stryleTZ about fair fashion, vegan nutrition and a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Yoga is an integral part of her life and is also essential for the young mother in her second pregnancy. We spoke to Bina about her current yoga routine and the special features of her second pregnancy.

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1. Why can't and don't you want to do without yoga during your pregnancy?

During my first pregnancy I was more at ease and didn't know what to expect. Everything was exciting and exciting. Now I notice that the loss of control over my body is starting to bother me. It's a miracle what the body can do during this time and that it creates new life, but it's also a change. Yoga helps me to be more relaxed and creates a sense of well-being that no other sport can. For me it's the perfect balance during this special time and what's good for me is also good for my child.

2. What has changed in your yoga practice compared to before pregnancy?

Before the pregnancy I was much fitter. This is simply because I became pregnant in the winter and I have a daughter who is of daycare age. Unfortunately, we took turns being sick at home throughout the winter. Unfortunately, I still notice that. Now there is also the stomach and a slight shortness of breath. So I tend to do more relaxed sessions, with lots of stretching and breathing exercises. In general, I like Vinyasa flows. I'll continue to incorporate them, but don't overwhelm myself. In addition, exercises that require me to lie on my stomach or my stomach is compressed too much are no longer necessary.

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3. Do you have a particular favorite exercise that you particularly enjoy doing now?

A position that I really feel comfortable in is the pigeon. But Cat-Cow also feels very relaxing for my back. I also really like twisting postures or those in which the body stretches.
In general, every day I listen to what attitude could help me and enrich my everyday life.

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