Creative gift idea: AcroYoga on Valentine's Day

Creative gift idea: AcroYoga on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Reserving a table at your favorite Italian restaurant can be quite difficult. In addition to a romantic dinner, the obligatory bouquet of flowers tops the more or less creative list of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts. But how about you break with tradition this year and give your partner a really special gift for Valentine's Day: Have you ever heard of AcroYoga? The two professionals Gino and Leevke explained to us in an interview what exactly that is and why a joint AcroYoga class is perfect as a Valentine's gift.

Gino and Leevke practicing. You can find even more pictures and videos on her Instagram profile

Where does AcroYoga come from:

Acroyoga is a special form of yoga in which various acrobatic-like movements and figures are performed together with a partner. Originally founded in the USA in 2003, Acro Yoga is now very popular worldwide and there are 150 official AcroYoga teachers. Since the term is protected, it may only be used by teachers with specific certification. However, there are numerous studios that offer this form of yoga under a different name.

What is AcroYoga based on:

AcroYoga combines classic yoga postures and breathing techniques with elements of Thai massage and acrobatic lifting figures. These not only look great, but also have a therapeutic effect on the “flies”.

In addition to balance, body tension and coordination, trust and responsibility as well as the ability to let go and relax are trained.
The close physical collaboration and the great mutual trust that partners must show each other during the exercises makes AcroYoga a perfect Valentine's Day activity.

Solar and Lunar: the elements of AcroYoga:

Basically, at least 2 people are always needed to carry out the exercises: the “base” and the “aviator”. Beginners should also bring in a third person to assist (“spotter”).

However, if you would like to try out AcroYoga in private as a couple, Gino and Leevke gave us a tip in an interview:

“We have been doing AcroYoga for 2.5 years now. We never had a spotter, but we first tried out certain elements in the water or on soft floor mats in gyms." - Gino and Leevke

So that it doesn't get boring and everyone can take off, the roles can be mixed up. The better you get, the more “intimate” you can make partner yoga.

Basically, a distinction is made between the following 3 movement elements:

  • Solar acrobatics: the dynamic, acrobatic part where, according to Gino and Leevke, the focus is on strength, (self-)confidence and fun. Handstands play an important role here. But don't worry, thanks to numerous difficulty levels, there is the right exercise for everyone. In addition to handstands, traditional asanas on hands and feet are reinterpreted and combined with partner acrobatics.
  • Lunar acrobatics: the therapeutic aspect: During various stretches, twists and massages by the feet of the “base”, the flyer learns to let go and relax. The “base”, on the other hand, enjoys the grounding and responsibility as a supporting force.
  • Yoga: breathing techniques and the aspect of mindfulness through which both partners can perceive themselves as a unit

“With the right breathing technique and mindfulness, you can perceive yourself as a unit. We always feel relaxed, grounded, united and balanced after AcroYoga.” - Gino and Leevke

Who is AcroYoga suitable for?

AcroYoga sees itself as a practice of giving and taking, giving and receiving touch and, according to Gino and Leevke, is basically suitable for everyone who enjoys movement and trying things out!

“There are no specific physical requirements required. However, a certain ability to move is an advantage. Body tension, balance and familiarity coordinated with breathing and movement are learned in a playful way with AcroYoga. You should be curious about this type of movement and ready to get involved with others. You shouldn’t have any fear of contact.” - Gino and Leevke

So let's get going. You can find studios that offer AcroYoga lessons on the Internet and the right clothing in our online shop . Naturally produced fairly and sustainably.

But we also have perfect Valentine's gifts for all those who are still skeptical about AcroYoga. A bouquet of flowers will certainly comfort the recipient during the delivery time ;)

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