Techno and yoga?! Sabine from tunes&wings in an interview

Techno and yoga?! Sabine from tunes&wings in an interview

Turning your passion into a career: on tunes&wings, Sabine explores electronic music culture and writes about her travels to festivals around the world, new releases and good parties. For her podcast she talks to exciting artists and DJs and gives an insight behind the scenes.

And because yoga and a conscious attitude do not stop at the techno scene, Sabine reports in an interview how these two worlds fit together.

Techno and yoga. At first glance, two very different lifestyles. How does that fit together?

OGNX combines fun with a conscious lifestyle, similar to tunes&wings. There are currently many techno festivals where sustainability and holistic understanding are very important. Which makes me particularly happy because these are also my personal values. Yoga and spirituality play a big role in my life. Being able to combine this with my passion, techno and traveling is great. With yoga you get into a flow through breathing and movement, the same goes for music and dancing. The sound waves and bass that move the body to dance also evoke a flow experience.

“Healthy Living” is currently a strong trend in electronic music. Many artists and music lovers have realized that it is no longer about raving all night long and consuming alcohol and other drugs, but rather viewing music as a kind of spiritual journey.

You are visiting various techno festivals this summer for your magazine tunes&wings. How present is the topic of yoga there and how is it implemented?

The topic is actually very present. In addition to the line-up, Mind, Body & Soul and Consciousness programs can be found on the festival website. So your everyday festival life is not only based on the timetable – which DJ plays when – but also: when does which yoga or meditation workshop take place.

You're always on the go a lot, especially now during festival season. How do you manage to take time for yourself while traveling?

This is a very important and present topic for me right now. Actually, you only need yourself to be with yourself. The question is therefore: how do I get from the outside to the inside again? Certain routines, podcasts, guided meditations or yoga help me.

What is the “dress code” at a techno festival and which OGNX piece will definitely accompany you to one or the other festival?

The dress code at such festivals is: express yourself and be who you are. From crazy, colorful costumes to classic black, you can find everything at these festivals. Here, too, it can be seen that sustainability is playing an increasingly important role, so I am particularly pleased that OGNX will be accompanying me to some festivals this year. In my luggage: the namaste tank top and the beautiful batik outfit for the yoga routine.

You can read and hear more impressions from the Lighthouse Festival in Croatia, which Sabine attended at the beginning of June, on her blog .

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