Spotted by OGNX // Simone Leuschner // Focus on Yoga

Spotted by OGNX // Simone Leuschner // Focus on Yoga

Dear Simone, we came across you because you recently captured particularly beautiful moments of our family member Jelena Lieberberg in the new OGNX collection in Berlin.

You turned 40 this year and live and work from Düsseldorf, your hometown and city of birth.

How long have you been taking photographs?

When I was 19, I created my first photo series in New York. At that time I was inspired by the architecture of the metropolis. I wanted to become an architect and it was the last vacation before starting my studies in the Netherlands. This size, this height of the buildings. Light & Shadow. Black-and-white. The skyscrapers seemed like dancing giants to me. Quiet & Loud.

And since when have you been taking yoga photos?

I have been LIVING my yoga photos since my Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2012/2013 at Vishnus Vibes in Düsseldorf. I still work in this yoga studio today and organize and supervise our yoga teachers during the workshops and training courses. The idea of ​​yoga photos was the reason for the training; I wanted to know HOW this yoga works. Architecturally and spiritually.

With Focus on Yoga you have launched your very personal yoga project. What motivated you to want to take yoga photos?

My personal thought for “Focus on Yoga” is in the same words. I was so impressed by yoga and the form and aesthetics of the asana that I wanted to focus my FOCUS on it. An asana doesn't always have to be shown in its entirety to know what it looks like. Sometimes one detail is enough and you know it is “Garudasana”. Excerpts also evoke emotions. Inspire and arouse curiosity. The feeling behind it is important to me. My model should feel comfortable during the shoot. Seen & recognized. Staged but not produced.

What is special about yoga photography for you? Is there a particular challenge for you as a photographer?

I think it's great to constantly find and challenge myself in the combination of yoga and architecture - my URBAN YOGA PHOTOS. I usually meet yogis that I don't know. Those who have asked me or one of my customers. Or that I found on the networks. I love lateral thinking. For the urban yoga photos we look for buildings and architecture that suit you. About your asana desires and your nature. Sometimes we even find messages that we can pass on, like “Freedom for those who think differently” at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. Of course this is my personal freedom.

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