From period panties to pain-relieving yoga: tips from Madlen and Jennie

From period panties to pain-relieving yoga: tips from Madlen and Jennie

Some suffer extremely from it and others hardly notice it: menstruation affects every woman. By reducing the tax from 19% to 7%, we have made an important statement regarding the accessibility of feminine hygiene products. But even if the high costs have been reduced somewhat in this way, a major problem still remains.

Every woman uses 10,000 - 17,000 monthly hygiene products during her menstruation , which primarily include pads and tampons. Worldwide, 45 billion of these end up in the trash every year. And they stay there for up to 500 years. That's how long it takes for the many plastic components to decompose.

Would you like to switch to a more sustainable alternative to reduce the environmental impact of period products? Then you are exactly right here.

In our interview with aspiring yoga teacher and blogger Madlen and OGNX product manager Jennie you will find out everything about the new period underwear from Kora Mikino, which is now available in our shop. In addition to their personal experiences with panties, the two also tell you which exercises are particularly suitable for severe menstrual pain. #powertotheperiod

Madlen in an interview

Madlen doing her asana for period pain

Hello dear Jennie and Madlen! It's nice that you take the time to share your experiences and tips with period underwear and period pain with OGNX customers. In addition to menstrual cups, which can now be found in many drugstores, menstrual underwear is a nice and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional tampons and pads. However, many people are still skeptical about underwear because they question its protection and safety.

"I'm still using tampons at the moment, but I've been looking for a more ecological alternative for a long time. I first tried the menstrual cup. However, that wasn't my cup of tea. I can definitely understand the hesitation about period underwear. Before I If I invest in a set, I'd rather wait for reports from friends or acquaintances. Thanks to you, I've already been able to test the comfort of the Kora Mikino pants and I'm very impressed. However, I haven't had my period yet. That's why I'm talking to Jennie super grateful here."

"I'm happy about that, Madlen. In fact, I've been using period underwear for a long time and am absolutely convinced of it. However, I can also understand the doubts because I felt the same way at the beginning. I thought the idea of ​​the interview was great because I was interested in their concerns I would like to take the opportunity to share my experiences."

How did you overcome your own doubts and try period underwear?

Jennie :
" I first became aware of Kora Mikino through founder Julia. We met at Neonyt, the sustainable fashion week, and had a long conversation. After Julia told me about the principle of period underwear and guaranteed me that thanks to the silver technology Since nothing leaks, it was clear to me that I had to try it out.

I've been using the panties for 6 months now and feel totally safe. The first time I wore it it was unusual, but also a bit exciting. I immediately found it liberating to finally be able to “bleed freely”. After my test phase it was clear: we also need this in our OGNX shop. Now that I have "converted" almost all of my friends, I hope that our customers will now follow suit haha"

Which Kora Mikino product do you like to use the most and how often do you change it:

Jennie :
"I prefer to use the Hipster Hannah. I really like the shape and just feel well wrapped up. I always have medium days. So it's enough for me to change the Hipster once in the morning and once in the evening before I go to sleep."

What happens to the dirty panties?

Jennie :
"Caring for the panties is super easy and environmentally friendly. As described on the package, after wearing the panties I wash them briefly with cold water and then throw them in the washing machine in a laundry bag to wash them with other items of clothing on a 40% gentle cycle Wash. Since they are made of modal, they dry super quickly and feel like new. All the care tips are explained on the package in a simple and understandable way."

Kora Mikino pack

Kora Mikino's period underwear is a sustainable alternative to tampons and pads

Jennie you are already a Budokon yoga teacher and Madlen you will start your training shortly. Can you recommend yoga during menstruation?

"I haven't been taking the pill for 3 years. Since then, my cycle has become more irregular, varies in intensity and is sometimes associated with pain. How severe the pain is always depends on my overall physical and psychological condition. The "free bleeding" is already noticeable "This largely contributes to the fact that I feel better physically. Yoga is a great supplement to let my mind unwind and relax holistically."

" I completely agree with Madlen. Luckily, I don't suffer from pain when I have my period. As a Budokon yoga teacher, I still notice how the exercises give me strength, especially during my period. I feel deep into my period Body, recharge your batteries and my mood brightens. After a session my body feels strong and healthy."

Madlen, you recorded a nice video for us in which you showed us an asana sequence. Could you briefly explain this to us and tell us why exercise is good for you during your period?

"Basically, of course, everyone has to know for themselves what is good for them and what isn't. You shouldn't force anything here. I generally recommend more passive and cooling asanas like in my video. Reversals should be avoided, otherwise the blood will flow back.

In the video I start with the mountain pose. This is followed by a forward bend to stretch the entire back.
I end up joining the Yoga Squad. This hip opener isn't particularly pleasant at first, but there are a lot of emotions and tensions in the hips. When we are stressed, our hip muscles contract particularly. The Yoga Squad loosens these tensions and therefore feels very comfortable for me. This is followed by the swivel seat that supports the spine. As you can already tell, I place a lot of emphasis on the back, vertebrae and pelvic areas throughout my asana, as these are particularly affected by menstrual pain.
It also feels pleasant to lie on your back and pull your knees towards your chest. Last but not least, I enjoy the stretch in Butterfly and Crocodile Pose before concluding the asana with Child's Pose.

In addition to yoga, hot water bottles and magnesium are great tools for relieving cramps."

Thank you Madlen and Jennie for the interesting interview. We hope your tips and experiences could be of great help to many of our customers.

We have aroused your interest and you now want to try out the period panties yourself? Then let’s get going. In our online shop you will find briefs and hipsters, as well as many sustainable yoga outfits in different sizes.

Here are the most important facts about the panties:

  • The panties can be worn for up to 12 hours, after which we recommend washing the blood out with cold water. It can then be washed in the machine with other laundry at 40 degrees on a gentle cycle
  • The panty absorbs up to 30 ml of blood, which is equivalent to three medium-sized tampons
  • Thanks to the certified silver technology, no odor-causing bacteria form and the panties become clean even at low temperatures.
  • The menstrual panties can be reused infinitely. This means their lifespan is comparable to normal underwear.