OGNX Community: Interview with Ambassador Luisa

OGNX Community: Interview with Ambassador Luisa

A few months ago we launched our ambassador program and the OGNX community has grown continuously since then. We are very pleased to be able to implement our goals together with our ambassadors and to bring the OGNX company philosophy and the associated products closer to such a large network. Together we can make the fashion industry a greener and fairer place!

You can find out how ambassador Luisa Harisch implements her work as a brand ambassador and why she values ​​working with OGNX so much in our short interview:

Hello Luisa, nice that you took the time for a short interview. It will certainly be very interesting for our customers to find out what motivated you to be an OGNX Ambassador and to hear how you integrate sustainability into your own everyday life.

"I try to integrate sustainability into many areas of my life and do it all step by step. I'm not a fan of jumping from 0 to 100, but rather love the process. I believe that things only have a long-term impact on my life remain integrated and that should ultimately be the goal. The area that I have changed the most in terms of sustainability is definitely my consumption, I am very strict about that. This ranges from sustainable fashion to my weekly shopping, where I Try to buy regionally and seasonally if possible.”

How do you exercise in your free time?

"Basically, I make sure that I move a lot every day, do a lot of walking and cycling. On top of that, there is a small sports session every day. This could be yoga, functional fitness, racing bike or a hiking tour."

Ambassador Luisa Harisch

Why did you want to become an OGNX Ambassador and what do you particularly like about the OGNX products?

"I applied for the Ambassador Program because I can absolutely identify with OGNX and because I love mutual support - times like these make us realize how important it is to support each other and be there for each other.

However, this togetherness is not only particularly important in times of crisis. Respectful treatment is also reflected in fair pay and a safe working atmosphere. That's why I like the OGNX products so much. Here the “why” is questioned: where do we want to produce, which suppliers do we want to work with, how do we create even more transparency and how do we win an end customer who wants and values ​​sustainable and functional clothing."

What is your favorite product and why?

"I love my OGNX Leo leggings - beautifully colorful and they look great ;-)"

What would the ultimate Luisa outfit look like if you were to direct the OGNX production?

"Phew - I think I would definitely support a new edition of the Keffiah pattern. That was really great and would certainly look great as shorts."

Thank you very much, dear Luisa, for your honest insights and your kind words. As far as the Keffiah line is concerned, you can be very excited about our upcoming fall/winter collection ;)

If you also fit in with OGNX, love our products and would like to become an OGNX Ambassador, then apply here.