Get to know our team: Nina in an interview

Get to know our team: Nina in an interview

Every day the OGNX team works hard to make the fashion world more sustainable and greener with our sporting goods.

But who is actually behind OGNX? In our new, recurring section you will find out everything about what we do every day and which tasks we like best. Take a look behind the scenes and get to know our team, our motivation and our preferences.

Nina with daughter Charly

Nina with her daughter Charlie

Our team presentation goes into the third round today with Nina. She founded the label with her husband Alexander in 2013. OGNX is one of the first providers of fairly produced yoga clothing and is therefore one of the pioneers of the sustainability movement in Germany.

"When my husband Alexander and I founded OGNX in 2013, the market for sustainable yoga clothing was still very small and fashion trends were often not taken up at all. From the beginning, we were convinced that sustainability definitely had to have a place in the fashion industry This meant that two essential features of OGNX were set: sustainable, high-quality products with an unmistakable design and high functionality."

Since then, a lot has happened not only in the minds of consumers, but also at OGNX. In an interview, Nina tells us what she enjoys most at work and what she wants to achieve in 2020:

Since 2013, you have been working hard to expand the OGNX collection, continuously improve it and support even more people in sustainable consumer behavior. What tasks do you take on in your role as Managing Director at OGNX?

"I control the general direction of the label, take care of the budget and of course also make structural decisions. The fact that I can learn something new here every day inspires me and constantly motivates me."

What tasks do you enjoy doing most in your daily business?

" On the one hand, I love all creative tasks. Since I'm a very visual person, these are the easiest for me to handle. On the other hand, I'm also fascinated by the organizational, structural side of the job. And of course the collaboration with my great team. Without them none of this would be possible ;)"

What would you like to achieve or implement this year?

"The further development of our collection is a continuous process. We are working intensively to constantly improve its sustainability and functionality by sourcing new materials and producers. This year I would like to further tackle the topic of "plastic-free" and find a solution together with my team "To optimize the reuse of the mandatory polybags for the products."

On social media you show that sport is very important to you and of course you always wear OGNX. What does your fitness routine look like?

"I train almost every day because I have found that it simply gives me more strength and energy for the entire day. I have been doing yoga for many years and came into contact with meditation at an early age. I have had a love for it for some time "I discovered functional training. I also really enjoy riding. "

Which OGNX item do you like to wear the most?

"I love, love, love our crossback bras. I actually always wear them, whether for yoga, the most intensive workout or while riding. They have the perfect fit, look delicate and are practically indestructible. In addition to the bra, the functional leggings are one of my favorites absolute must-haves. Since I'm basically obsessed with leo print and wild pattern mixes, the flying leo outfit is at the top of my list ;)"

Nina's favorite products: Flying Leo Leggings and Crossback Bra

Nina's favorite pieces: Crossback Bra and Flying Leo Leggings

Thank you very much, Nina, for giving us an insight into your tasks. With your creativity and organizational skills, nothing can go wrong at OGNX :)