Kunal Joseph

Kunal Joseph

“Through the union of body, mind and soul we find our true self.”

I took my first step on the yoga path when I was eight years old: At that time, my parents felt that I should learn more and sent me to yoga camps. I am very grateful to them for that – I received their blessing on this path from the very beginning.

Although I had lost touch with the practice of yoga over the years, I knew intuitively that it would play an important role in my life again. Finally, in 2007, yoga began to satisfy my burning desire for a peaceful life like delicate drops of water. Since 2009, I haven't looked back and know that yoga is my destiny.

Asanas are just a small step into this world, but an important one if you want to move forward. Later I went deeper into the practice and learned more about Jnana, Bhakti, Karma and Raja Yoga - initially through self-study and then lessons with numerous Indian teachers. Among other things, I was initiated into the SaptaRishi path, which focuses on Dhyana Yoga.

There are many plans along this path - the right opportunity will present itself at the right time.

It is a great blessing for me to be part of the Munich yoga community. I am grateful for all the people who have supported me and welcomed me into their studios - these wonderful teachers and practitioners who encourage me and make me love this work. In Munich I teach at MahaShakti Yoga, Jivamukti, in the gym and at Elements.