Get to know our team: Jana in an interview

Get to know our team: Jana in an interview

Every day the OGNX team works hard to make the fashion world more sustainable and greener with our sporting goods.

But who is actually behind OGNX? In our new, recurring section you will find out everything about what we do every day and which tasks we like best. Take a look behind the scenes and get to know our team, our motivation and our preferences.


After Katharina, we introduce you to Jana in this article. Our freelance art director is responsible for the creative output of OGNX. She lets her creative side run wild when designing our social media content, ad design and graphics for the newsletter.

Hello Jana, nice that you took the time for a short interview so that our customers can get to know the OGNX team better. Tell us briefly in a few sentences who you are and what you do at OGNX:

"I'm Jana, 29 years old and live in Cologne. As a freelance art director, I'm responsible for the creative output of OGNX and am passionate about the visual design of the social media posts and newsletters."

Why do you work at OGNX?

"I love showcasing OGNX's wonderful collection with loving details and giving it the stage it deserves. OGNX offers me a lot of creative freedom as a designer and I'm super grateful for that! Plus, everything is fair and sustainably produced.
We live in a world where being unsustainable is simply no longer an option. And we have really exploited the possibilities of this earth, the people and the animals that live on it. If change doesn't come now, when will it? Fortunately, OGNX is already two steps further."

What do you do in your free time?
"In addition to graphic design, sport is my second great passion. I run and do yoga. Which for me is the ultimate combination. After a hard interval session, to stretch the muscles properly and at the same time to calm down again - to center your thoughts, is the best!"

What is your favorite OGNX product?
" I love how lovingly the OGNX collection is designed. For example, the two-tone design of the leggings and the Changeant bra makes my designer heart beat faster. And because the set is seamless, it is also incredibly comfortable to wear. From the "The Autmn/Winter collection, the Batik Tight and the Rainbow Tight are my absolute favorites and I also like to wear them in my free time. From the new summer collection I definitely have to test the Camerun shorts and the Leo Olive leggings !"

Thank you very much, dear Jana, for giving us an insight into your tasks. Your colorful designs are a real eye-catcher on our social media platforms.