Interview with Lucie Beyer

Interview with Lucie Beyer

Dear Lucie, welcome to the OGNX Family. We are eagerly following your Instagram profile and have seen that you have been on a big journey. Tell me what's new?

That's sweet of you! Mh, traveling is nothing new for me, as I have spent around 80% of my time “on the road” as a traveling teacher for the past 8 years. And just like any other job, this can be quite stressful at times. BUT I consciously choose it again and again because it just makes me very, very happy ;) As a child I saw Aladdin from the magic lamp and knew that everything I wished for would come true. So in my mid-twenties I wanted to travel without paying for it. And so it happened that my passion took me around the world. The Earth is my home!

What connects you to OGNX?

First and foremost, the thing that always primarily connects me to something - whether it's a place, a job or an object - is the people. I just really like the OGNX team. "Next" is the motto: these days you simply can't wear "non-eco clothing" anymore and especially when it comes to yoga, it should be as clear as vegan broth! And then of course the products themselves: fresh, special and extremely comfortable!

The AcroYoga community has grown a lot recently, how do you feel about the development of the scene?

AcroYoga was a huge boom right from the start. People are very attracted to the team spirit, the fun and the excitement of the physical challenge. The handstand alone seems to be on pretty much everyone's 2017 wish list!

Give us a brief insight into this beautiful, colorful world of AcroYoga?

I would now like to put this into practice and grab the reader of this interview right on my feet! AcroYoga is a mixture of yoga, acrobatics and healing arts. And believe me —> Everyone can learn to fly! I've had 85-year-olds on my feet and flown my entire family. The most famous character is probably the “aviator”, as this is a classic from many people’s childhood. In addition to the powerful, acrobatic aspect, there is also the slow, relaxing area of ​​therapeutic flying and Thai massage. Otherwise there are no upper limits - the sky is the only limit! Give it a try ;)

Photo credits: Malina Ebert Photography

How do the “monkeys” differ from country to country?

Aiiii, I just bought a “ScatchingMap” on which you can mark the countries you have already visited. There aren't that many vacancies left, which could make this answer very extensive. However, I would like to share a few highlights! In India, for example, I once had a workshop with 20 women and 2 men. Men and women didn't really look at each other and my strong co-teacher Almuth had to juggle the two extremely agile and proudly bulging men on their feet around the clock! The women were actually mostly laughing and screaming, especially when it came to going into a straddle…. It was by far one of the workshops in which there was the loudest singing and the most laughter. In Japan I was disabused of the idea that Japanese people are not that “touchy”. I have rarely received so many hugs! The last hug was so stormy that I bit my tongue and still had to smile for the photo... In Australia I taught in a surf school and there were almost only male surfers there, who were all very frustrated that such a “little girl” could base the big guys and that they were unfortunately quite shaky because of their short hamstrings. There was a lot of “sand” eating with all the very funny crashes on the beach. One of the most important experiences were and are my events in countries like Israel. It is a “war country” and this is noticeable. And yet everyone just switches off, looks after each other, shares support and healing touch, even when Israelis and Palestinians are in the same room. AcroYoga is Peacework! You can see, it could go on forever and the memories put a big smile on my face. I am endlessly grateful for this “job” and all the wonderful people and cultures that I was able to get to know through it.

What is the best thing about flying for you?

The trust in myself and my base. It's a wonderful form of communication and togetherness - something you can't buy in a store. It brings people together, no matter where we come from or what language we speak - in the end everyone has shining eyes and a smiling heart!

What is your favorite OGNX part?

Mh, it's not that easy! In any case, I love the LEO pattern, especially on the jumpsuit! - and its just soooo comfy!

Thank you for this friendly interview!

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