Interview with the Yogadude

Interview with the Yogadude

Dear Thomas, for your latest blog entry you are dealing with “extreme yoga”, which means you go out into nature in sub-zero temperatures and practice yoga. How did you come up with the idea of ​​taking on such an extraordinary task?

I really enjoy practicing in nature and don't want to miss out on it, even in winter. So it was time to give it a try. The conditions were extreme enough for my test run: light snowfall and -4°C. I have to admit that it was much more pleasant on the shores of Lake Como or on the roof terrace in Barcelona. Nevertheless, I will go out a few more times this winter and can only recommend it. By the way, the “Snoga” article is a good example of how yoga is for “real men”.

You are the best example of how practicing yoga looks good on men. Have you ever had prejudices or doubts that made you think twice about playing a "man's sport" like boxing or pumping in the gym?

I actually know a lot about “men’s sports”. When I was young I did swimming as a competitive sport and later I also ran marathons for a while. Based on this experience, I can say to anyone who finds yoga somehow “unmanly”: it's not for wimps. Go to a 90 minute class and we'll talk more afterwards.

What motivated you to start yoga? Was there a specific trigger?

There actually was. I traveled a lot for work for a few years and shared a work apartment in Frankfurt am Main with a colleague for a while. This colleague rolled out her mat every evening and all the stress from the day melted away after an hour, while I lay exhausted in front of the television with my beer. That really inspired me, back in Berlin I immediately signed up for a beginners course and have stuck with it ever since.

Why should more men start practicing yoga?

Now I don't even know where to start. I think if more people practiced yoga seriously the world would be a better place. Every yogi has their own path, but I don't know anyone whose life has been made worse by yoga. You learn so much about yourself and others... while also keeping your body in shape. There is nothing that comes close to yoga, just try it.

In your opinion, is there a “typical men’s yoga”? And what is the difference in practice between men and women?

I think asana practice is not really different for women and men, even though men often claim that they are not flexible enough. However, in my experience, men tend to have more problems opening up to the spiritual and getting involved in new things. As with so many things, we guys get in our own way on the yoga mat. Women approach things differently; they are usually not so uptight.

How much does yoga influence your everyday life? Would you say it has made you a better person and family man?

My life is now very much influenced by yoga. It starts with me practicing several times a week, getting up at 6:30 and rolling out my mat before I go to work. And the blog also takes up a lot of time, I write in the evenings and on weekends, my wife helps me and takes the pictures. Yoga practice also plays a role when planning my vacation; I always try to visit at least one interesting yoga studio when I travel. The influence that spiritual development has on my everyday life is much more dramatic. I don't want to judge whether I'm a better person now than I was before, but I'm definitely a different person and I feel better. I live my life more consciously, have become much calmer inside and my priorities have shifted. Time suddenly has a different value, which is why, among other things, I gave up my “rolling suitcase job”, where I unfortunately didn’t have that much time for my family. When I became a father, I was already a yogi, but without yoga, things would certainly be different in this role. As I said: Everything happens a little more thoughtfully and thoughtfully, and our son certainly feels that too.

Why did you decide to wear fashion from OGNX? Would you recommend our collection for men to other yogis?

As a blogger, I am of course always looking at what yoga fashion is on the market. And I've been wearing OGNX things for a long time, and not just when doing yoga. Even though special high-tech fibers have their place, OGNX's organic cotton simply feels much more natural. In addition, OGNX makes fashion that is super functional on the mat and can still be worn in everyday life. I was already wearing things from OGNX before we worked together and spent half of last summer in the same pair of cotton shorts. That's why I'm particularly pleased about the cooperation and can recommend the brand with a clear conscience.

Thank you for the inspiring interview and the great pictures!

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