Interview with Agnes Fischer

Interview with Agnes Fischer

Dear Agnes, we are super happy that we were able to shoot with you for our upcoming lookbook F/W 17/18 and that wonderful pictures were taken again. As a passionate yogi, you are the perfect model for OGNX. How did you get into modeling and when was that?

I grew up in the country, more precisely in the Bavarian Forest. To be honest, back then I didn't even know that "modeling" could be a profession. A good friend said at the time that I should apply to become a model. I didn't think much of it and just did it... one thing led to another. When I was 17 I had my first photo shoot for a German teenage fashion magazine. I was super proud of myself and bought the magazine as soon as it came out. After graduating, I went directly to work abroad because it is important to gain international images and experience. Traveling alone - especially at a young age - teaches you a lot. So when I was 19 I was in Milan and then I went to Cape Town, New York, London, etc.

Do you still remember the moment you realized you had made it as a professional model? Was there a specific job that helped you get there?

I can't say that exactly. Actually, it was more of a moment in 2007 when I decided to go to Cape Town for a few months. For a long time my only source of money was modeling and since I could and can finance my life that way, I think I've made it. You could say that I was really lucky because I never had that great long hair and I'm not 1.80m or spindly skinny either. But somehow my look was in demand.

As a model you travel all over the world. Is there a place where you feel particularly comfortable?

That's easy to answer. Anyone who knows me knows this is Cape Town. I just lost my heart to this city and South Africa. The first time I was there in 2007, I stayed for 5 months - I cried so much when I had to fly home. Cape Town just has a very special energy. Every time I land there, it's like a “breath of relief” - it's hard to describe, you have to experience this feeling yourself. The people, the landscape, the food...

Keyword: food. It's often difficult to maintain a healthy diet when you're on the go as much as you are - you often don't have time to eat regularly or cook something healthy. Do you have any tips on how you can still stay fit and strong?

On photo trips (or shoots that only last 1-2 days) I always take my own whole grain bread and - very important - AVOCADOS with me! Avocados are my insider tip because you can carry them in your hand luggage because they are not liquid. Avocado on whole grain bread really always works :-)

As a professional model, it is important to keep yourself healthy and fit - yoga certainly helps you with that, but which came first in your life, modeling or yoga?

Modeling came first. To be honest, I always laughed at yoga at first - I thought they were all just sitting around meditating. A friend finally convinced me to go to yoga with her. That was around 2010 and I've been an addict ever since :-). By the way, that was also in Cape Town….

You are a yoga teacher yourself. Are you currently teaching and how do you juggle that with modeling?

Yes, I just started teaching. I try to focus on private lessons because they are easier to plan and combine with the modeling jobs - these often come in at very short notice and so I have to be flexible. But I definitely want to give a few solid hours in a studio. Let's see how everything develops.

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