In conversation with homegirl Jelena Lieberberg

In conversation with homegirl Jelena Lieberberg

Dear Jelena, people have known you from OGNX since the beginning, you have accompanied the label on its path almost from the beginning. The label has grown in recent years and the collections have become more extensive. OGNX has just launched its first sports bra and you were the first to present and test it (in your second OGNX People ad).

How do you like him?

I'm really happy that OGNX has now opened the bra department for sportswear. I really like testing them because I personally don't like it when the elastic band is too tight like with other brands. I find the OGNX Bra super comfortable to wear, especially because it can also be used as a short crop top during “hotter” yoga sessions, like Ashtanga. I've only seen it in black so far and I'm really excited about the other colors!

This year you will be at the PREMIUM Exhibition in Berlin again, to teach and spread a good mood:) Are you excited?

What I am most looking forward to is you, the friendly OGNX team. It was so much fun last time that even if only a few people took part in the short walk-in sessions, it felt like it was a full hour. Teaching yoga at a trade fair like this still has a fun 'wow' effect, because no one would expect yoga at a fashion event like this and I'm immediately on board with activities like these, which are rather unusual.

OGNX's desire is to create a bridge between yogawear and streetwear with the collections. Do you also wear OGNX in everyday life?

Yes! And how! You rarely see me in jeans, which is why I've already lost the reputation of the 'sweat pants' lifestyle. The sweaters with the unconventional sayings, which integrate yoga into everyday life in a humorous way, are particularly well received by everyone. I'm thinking, for example, of my favorite sweaters, like the KISS MY KARMA sweater or the SWEAT FLOW sweater.

What is your current favorite piece?

All the sweaters, the new yoga pants with the colorful spots and the blue men's jogging pants. It's my absolute favorite because it's so soft that I don't want to take it off anymore and I also wear it when I take the children to school in the morning.

If you want to see Jelena in action, you can get to know and love her at the Premium Exhibition in Berlin in January :)