The OGNX Girl's Crew at the PREMIUM Exhibition in Berlin #crewloveistruelove

The OGNX Girl's Crew at the PREMIUM Exhibition in Berlin #crewloveistruelove

When we arrived back in Munich, we looked back over the last week and it almost seemed like a dream. Anyone who has ever been to the trade fair knows that you feel like you are in a different time zone. Everything is somehow blurry and normal everyday life is suddenly very far away.

Every year at the PREMIUM Exhibition in Berlin, newcomers as well as the big ones present their new collections. Thousands of people gather here every day to find out about the coming season, shop and network. The new Active Wear Hall opened this year and of course yoga shouldn't be missing.

Of course we were really excited before it started and then we were even happier that we received so much positive feedback. We thank you very much for the many visits and the kind words. International customers and well-known fashion houses, but also many great small concept stores, visited us and were specifically interested in sustainable products. We are happy that OGNX is setting off into the wide world ;) and that the focus is increasingly being placed on fair fashion!

We look back on long days and loud nights, many exciting impressions and exciting contacts. We shook out our tired limbs and celebrated at Genetikk, were able to admire Patrick Mohr's wonderfully brilliant Spongebob collection and had exciting meetings.

Our family member Jelena got us through the intense days with her wonderfully relaxing OGNX yoga sessions and spread so much good mood! Thank you for your positive vibes! ...Not to mention Billy the Maltipoo, Jelena's little dog, who has taken everyone's hearts by storm ;)

We will continue to be just as exciting as this week was, so stay tuned! We thank you for your support!

Credits also to our top team in Berlin, who supported us so actively and helped us when we no longer knew where the front and the back were the day before the start of the trade fair :)

Label founder Nina in an interview with Fashion Daily TV: