The new fall/winter collection is here! …What’s new this season?

The new fall/winter collection is here! …What’s new this season?

Meet Lenzing Modal® & fall in Love:

A very special highlight this season is our new quality, Lenzing Modal® . If you have browsed through our online shop, have you perhaps already discovered our new tops in Lenzing quality? We can promise you that once you wear a Lenzing top, you won't want to take it off so quickly. Not only does it feel silky and light on the skin, it is also breathable and keeps you pleasantly cool during strenuous yoga classes. After the yoga class you can move on straight away, because the fine quality of the material makes the Lenzing top the perfect look for everyday life.

What is Lenzing Modal® exactly?

Lenzing is a modal fiber made from beech wood. Yes, you heard right :) Beech wood is particularly sustainable because the beech reproduces itself through a special rejuvenation process, which means it does not need to be artificially watered or planted! Since the fiber and the end product are manufactured in one and the same place, Lenzing Modal® is particularly environmentally friendly as the process conserves resources and saves energy.

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From now on, Second Skin Feeling with our special sports yarn :

What's also brand new is that, starting this season, our yoga pants are made with special sports yarn. Thanks to the new yarn, our yoga pants are now even more flexible and durable. As soon as you step into it you will notice and love the extra stretch . The pants adapt perfectly to your figure and at the same time can easily accommodate any asana. Even after countless yoga sessions and washing, the pants retain their shape and flexibility. For an even better wearing comfort .

See for yourself! #beflexy in #OGNX