From the first yoga class and the love of teaching – 3 questions for Christine May

From the first yoga class and the love of teaching – 3 questions for Christine May

Christine May is one of Germany's best-known yoga teachers and an experienced and recognized teacher and trainer in Prana Flow Yoga, a powerful and transformative branch of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Her teaching is characterized by her attentive, loving devotion to her students and yoga.

Christine May

Among other things, Christine teaches yoga at Engel in Munich, here in our Ornament Leggings and Don't Panic Top

1. When did you have your first yoga class and when did the moment come that you could imagine becoming a yoga teacher yourself?

My first yoga class was in Venice Beach, California about 20 years ago, my old home where I lived for 7 years. I knew immediately that yoga would be an important element on my path and that I would become a teacher. It contained so much of what I love and what excites me. Coming into the body , contact with the breath, inner exploration and the path to freedom. I have always wanted to know what makes a fulfilling life and how to remove obstacles that prevent us from being free and happy . It is a gift for me to share my personal experiences and insights with my students and to grow together while having a lot of fun.

2. You are now one of the best-known teachers in Germany and offer training, workshops and retreats all over the world. What is your next big project ?

I love working with people and groups and accompanying them on their way to their hearts and thus to more joy in life and satisfaction. For some the path is a training/immersion or further education, for others it is a recharging and coming to yourself through a transformative yoga retreat. I do this regularly in one of my favorite places, Ibiza - the island of light, but also in other places of power such as the desert of Morocco, Greece, Bali, Ticino, Portugal and Germany.

An absolute highlight in 2018 is certainly the Move * * * Pray * * * Love * * * Breathe * * * Meditate: Mystic SHAKTI GODDESS YOGA RETREAT from May 12th to 18th in Ibiza.

The Ibiza Retreats are legendary and really something special, as we not only practice yoga and meditate every day, but also various specials such as full moon rituals, cacao ceremonies, trance dance as well as live music with Sabine and sound healing & aromatherapy with Elena are part of the retreat. Our chef is one of the best vegan/vegetarian chefs on the island, who pampers us with delicacies , and our finka is the beautifully renovated Casa Lakshmi, close to some of the best beaches in Ibiza. Further highlights include a joint retreat with Krishnatakis at the Sunshine House in Greece from October 16th - 21st, 2018 and Bali - The Island of the Gods with LuNa Schmidt in March 2019 .

3. What connects you to OGNX and what is your favorite part?

I love the openness and life-affirming spirit at OGNX - a freshness that also extends to the fun, cool yoga outfits. These things are great for yoga, but you can also use them as streetwear and for leisure time. At the moment the Snake Leggings and the black Eagle Namaste Tank are my absolute favorites.

Christine May in OGNX

Christine in our classic, the Keffiah Leggings and Don't Panic Top

Further information about Ibiza, training and workshops:

The Ibiza Retreat is available at an early bird price until March 31, 2018.

You can find information about the retreat and workshops with Christine here: &