Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes

Today there is a new recipe for really delicious pancakes. The OGNX Banana Pancakes taste great for young and old and provide energy exactly when you need it. A great snack for the afternoon.

The delicious dish is quick and easy to cook. Depending on your taste, you can top the pancakes with whatever you feel like.

.. And this is what you need for 4-5 pancakes:

4 large spoons of oatmeal
1 large banana
4 egg whites
2 large spoons of protein powder or vegan soft protein
20g chopped walnut and cinnamon

… That's how it's done:

Reduce all the ingredients slightly and then add them to the blender without the nuts. Mix the whole thing well until you have a delicious dough.

Grease a pan well and fry the pancakes well in it. Little tip: the first pancake never works ;-)

Then place the pancakes on a plate and top with whatever you like.

As a tip: Homemade vanilla quark goes excellently with the pancakes.

Bananas are great sources of energy. Want something a little easier? Then you can also grate apples into the dough instead of bananas.