»A Mindful Mess« – Maddie from dariadaria and her new podcast

»A Mindful Mess« – Maddie from dariadaria and her new podcast

She writes a blog, is active on social media and makes YouTube videos. Now Maddie from dariadaria is also doing a podcast. In approximately ten-minute episodes, she talks about everything that concerns her. To find out a little more about her new project, we asked her a few questions:

Your podcast is called A Mindful Mess. How did this name come about and does the name say it all?
The name definitely says it all! I think "a mindful mess" is a human, humorous approach to how I am: sometimes scattered, not perfect, but mindful. I just try my best!

Why a podcast at all? When and why did you decide to take on this project in addition to your blog and social media?
There were many reasons. The most basic one was very mundane, I needed change. After 7 years of blogging, it was simply time for a change. Another big reason was that I no longer wanted to make my content consumable on screens. We stare at screens so much anyway, so I think the audio medium is nice because you can perceive the environment while consuming.

The previous episodes contain a wide variety of topics, from authenticity in the age of social media to women's suffrage and veganism. How do you come up with your topics and what can we expect in the future?
I choose the topics very intuitively, what concerns me at the moment and falls into my lap, so to speak.

You have sometimes recorded some quite emotional and personal episodes and in one episode you talk directly about your fears and “weaknesses”. Do you find it easier to talk about such things in this relatively direct and personal medium?
In any case. It's a very cozy, personal setting when I record at home and I like that! Recording a podcast in my pajamas with tea is my favorite thing to do!

Where do you personally draw the line between Maddie as a blogger, influencer and activist and Maddie as a private person? Do you even make that distinction?
Of course you need boundaries and that is important. It's a balancing act between authenticity and privacy. Sometimes the limit naturally shifts, sometimes you reveal more, sometimes less. And then there are things that are so private that I keep them all to myself.

And you already told us in an email that you're going to Bali soon... what brings you to the other end of the world?
I will complete my yoga teacher training in Bali and then work from there for another month and would like to support street dog projects again.

You can find her podcast A Mindful Mess on soundcloud and iTunes !